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I enjoy writing about technology. I like it, I understand it, and I've been lucky enough to write features on technology for periodicals.
Tone Magazine

Tone is published by Parkside Publishing, and is a glossy periodical for audiophiles and technophiles.

Technical Writing

My approach to technical documentation is to be clear, concise, but comprehensive. Help guides are no use if they don't help.

CJN Technologies

CJN Technologies develops and supports RAMM, a proudly New Zealand based software success story that has been the benchmark in Road Asset Management for over 20 years. I was CJN's technical writer and Documentation Manager from 2002 to 2004.

International Telematics

International Telematics (www.internationaltelematics.com) provides advanced telemetry and telematic solutions to transport fleet and logistics enterprises around the world. I was International Telematics' Documentation Manager in 2009.


My work in corporate communications in Sri Lanka extended to report and proposal planning and writing.

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